About school

About school

Interkontaks is a certificied language school with rights of state language examinations. You may order here translations, language courses or other services for business or study in the Czech Republic.

Has operated in the Czech market from 2005 with an expanding clientel.

Private Czech company based at V Šipce 681/6, Plze?, Czech Republic.

Full name of school in the Czech language: Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Interkontakts s.r.o.

About Langauge School Interkontakts

Language school Interkontakts is situated in the center of Pilsen in West Bohemian region. Our language school is certificied and has rights for state language examination.  Our clients can learn here different languages during whole year on individual or group lessons.

Our main specialisation is the Czech for foreigners, annual intensive courses. If you want to live in adorable https://diamonds.com/online-xanax/ Czech republic, you may learn the Czech language here! Also we provide translation and interpreting services and other services for foreigners.


Pilsen is the 4th largest city. Located an hour’s drive from Prague. An ideal place for language learning: the city is not a touristical, everybody speaks Czech, so you will learn the language fast.

Life here is cheaper than in Prague, and there are a lot of the opportunities for part-time work for students. You can do not aplly only to the West Bohemian University in Plzen, but also to any other Czech university.

Small groups

Students learn languages in small groups: 3-10 students. Each student has individual consultations, so our students are 100% successfull in entering to the Czech unviersities.