Annual preparatory Czech course

Annual preparatory Czech course

These courses are intended for people, who wants to work or to study in the Czech republic (higher education, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, doctoral degree). The quantity of people in the group: 4-10 people. 20 hours of the Czech language every day. Czech teachers will teach you and you will study with students from different countries.

The courses include practical measures (you will know how to send letters on the Czech post, how to apply to libraries, how to open your account in the bank and also how Czech people celebrate their holidays and so on), complete services for admission to the university such as validation (nostrification) of your diploma, help to choose university, sending applications to the universities, communications with them.

We are cooperating with the whole university complex in the Czech republic! In the case if you have finished your secondary school you have take nostrification exams. The preparation for these exams is the part of our courses. Also on the end of courses you can take the state certificate exams of the Czech language.

You don’ t have to pay for the whole course before your arrival. You will pay just the deposit for first activities of the language school and after your arriving you pay tuition fee.

 Our benefits:
  • few people in the group
  • individual approach
  • habitation in Plzen is cheaper than in Prague
  • convenient location of the city.

Terms of courses, possible language level and price

9 months (October-June, January-September) – A2-B1

3769 euros

12 months (July-June)  – B1

4391 euros

15 months (OctoberDecember of the next year, July-September of the next year) – B1-B2

5013 euros

24 months (start from July, October, January) – B2

6258 euros

Payment conditions:

The price includes documents for annual visa Before arrival, on the base of your on-line application, the school will prepare the Contract, after you will take the Invoice for paying first activity  of the school by bank transfer. After your arriving you will pay tuition fee.

Documents for visa:

The invitation for the courses,
reservation of  dormitory, insurance,
the translation of all necessary documents from your language to the Czech (you will prepare bank document and criminal record).
The documents are sent you by Express Mail.


We provide the dormitory to our students. The accomodation costs appr. 100-150 euros per month. There is the Internet. Rooms are in blocks (every block has 2 rooms). Every block has 1 shower, WC and kitchen. There are single, double, triple rooms. It takes ten minutes by urban transport from the dormitory to the centre where our school is situated. From Plzen to Prague is 1 hour by bus.

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What is included to course?

  • 20 czech lessons a week
  • English speaking coordinator and consulting
  • transfer to courses from airport of Prague to the dormitory in Pilsen
  • visa servis: consultation, Skype-consultations to prepare you for an appointment in the Czech ambassy, registration in the policy for foreigners, helping during the extension of visa
  • certificate translations of documents – 10 normal pages
  • sending of documents by DHL
  • insurance of foreigners